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Congratulations! You're having a baby. But maybe you're not feeling all bliss. You're not alone. Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. Here are just a few. Help is not far away!

Looking for ways to alleviate your back pain during pregnancy? Over 70% of all pregnant moms have back pain and / or sciatica during their pregnancy. The cause is usually an imbalance or subluxation to the pelvis and or vertebrae. When the pelvis or vertebrae become misaligned, they put tremendous pressure on the nerves as the exit the spine. This can cause back pain and the radiating leg pain, known as sciatica. Because it affects the leg, some women notice difficulty walking or standing.

Common methods most moms-to-be try are stretching, yoga and massage. All of these are tremendously beneficial. However, if you find you are still suffering, there may be more going on.

Chiropractic has proven results for low back pain during pregnancy. A chiropractor trained specifically to evaluate pregnant women, such as Dr. Kristen Giles can help you. She has specific training with the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association as a Fellowship and over 12 years of chiropractic practice. And as a mother who has had two natural childbirths of her own, she has tremendous experience in this area.

Dr. Giles evaluates the spinal alignment looking for any causes of nerve irritation or subluxation. Subluxation has many causes, but regardless, removing the nerve irritation is the only solution. For many moms, Giles Family Chiropractic has made pregnancy enjoyable and comfortable.

You're counting the days and weeks till you can meet your wonderful baby. But now you've been told that your baby's positioning is not optimal? So you're looking for solutions that are natural and safe?

Baby positioning is the most common reason that I see pregnant moms. Why? We see such amazing results that health practitioners from midwives, to Kaiser, to Napa Ob/Gyn MDs, and moms looking for solutions consult us.

So what's the secret? Perfect pelvic alignment with proper spinal alignment and nerve supply! Dr. Kristen can evaluate the positioning of your pelvis and spine for a problem called Subluxation, which is an imbalance or misalignment. She uses comfortable techniques to correct any subluxations, allowing the body to function optimally.

By 32 - 34 weeks, your baby should be in an optimal position. If not, you need to take action, but it's not too late. We have seen patients into the 38th and 39th week looking for help with their baby's position. But, the more time I have to work with moms, the easier and less stressful.

As a mom of two beautiful girls, born naturally at home, Dr. Kristen first-hand knows the added stress of poor positioning. As she practiced chiropractic into her 41st week with her first daughter Kiera, she was constantly getting adjusted by her husband, Dr. Paul Ruscica, D.C. Kiera really wanted to be in a posterior position, but with her knowledge and her good chiropractic care, Dr. Kristen has a wonderful birth free of back labor, which is common with posterior births.

As the only certified Pre-natal & Pediatric Chiropractor in the Napa area, Dr. Kristen offer solutions. She has proven results. She will give you her honest opinion following a consultation and exam.

Is your morning sickness lasting all day? And you heard the fatigue would be better in the second trimester, but you're barely making it? Concerned about taking anti-nausea medications? And worse, your co-workers don't know you're pregnant, and you want it to stay that way?

These conditions occurs anytime during pregnancy, most commonly from two to four weeks after fertilization. There are three reasons why naseau happens:

  • Hormones (estrogen and HCG increase in very large quantities)
  • Implantation (which releases toxins and debris from the endometrial lining which the liver must detoxify)
  • Formation of the placenta

Your body makes this all happen by way of the nervous system. The message from your brain travels down your spinal cord to nerve roots that exit through the vetebrae and connect directly to all the organs like the uterus, ovaries and liver.

If there is a disruption in the connection between your brain and any of these organs, you are more likely to have symptoms. By removing the nerve interference, you can find relief. This is where a chiropractor can check for interference or "subluxation" and offer relief from morning sickness, naseau and fatigue. A vertebral subluxation is not a minor condition. Even the most seemingly insignificant of subluxations will always cause some kind of interference to the brain-body communication. This is never a good thing, and especially not when you are pregnant and your body needs the most help and the least interference.

A doctor certified in Pre-natal chiropractic care through the International Pediatrics Association such as Dr. Kristen Giles, D.C, F.I.C.P.A is specially trained. Her expertise and care in helping women throughout their pregnancy will make your experience amazing. You deserve to have the best chance at a successful pregnancy and childbirth, and you can only do that with a nervous system that is running free and clear of interference.