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When I first came to Giles Family Chiropractic, I had so much pain in my low back that I could not bend over, sit comfortably, get a good night's sleep or go about my normal activities. Following my examination they discovered the problem and over the next several months brought me remarkable results.

Although the process for me seemed to go slowly, I felt I was steadily feeling better, the pain was subsiding and my sleep was improving.

On a Sunday afternoon recently, when several of our children were with us at a park, I was able to play softball with them. For the first time in a long time I could run, catch fly balls, and throw like I did when I was much younger! My wife, Betsy said she almost cried when she saw me doing this, because since the onset of back problems we both wondered if I'd ever be able to do something like that again. I'm able to play golf again, and at night I sleep like a baby.

It is so wonderful to be pain free! Every day I'm grateful for the ability to do the things most folds probably take for granted.

Giles Family Chiropractic has such a great family environment, just like the nave over the door says. I highly recommend their office!