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Postantal Napa Glend Edwards

Just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for the significant relief that Giles Family Chiropractic has given both my wife and me from the terrible pain we have suffered for more than two decades.

As you know, my neck condition of stage II degeneration had put me on the verge of hopelessness in ever getting relief. Not only have I been able to almost be completely free of taking any pain medications for my headaches, my overall quality of life has been amazing. Thank You.

Napa Chiropractors Maria Laughlin

At 43 I wasn't ready to throw in the towel. I was thinking I was too young for all this nonsense. After running several marathons, half marathons, two Providian Relays and number 5 and 10K's, my body was in a world of hurt.

I went to my family doctor, who took x-rays, saw a thoracic surgeon, and saw two physical therapists. None of this resolved my problems. I then took 6 months off from running, had massages, but my muscles were still spasming. Since resting was helping, I decided to enroll in structured exercise classes (Body Sculpting, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Golf, even walking the dog). I was still in pain.

I heard myself complaining to friends and family members. And although I hated whining all the time, the pain was still agonizing. I finally decided to try chiropractic at Giles Family Chiropractic. I was very scared in the beginning. I began seeing marked improvement and lessening of the pain with each visit. After just three months of care I took a road trip for two weeks. I slept on 13 different beds! We would drive for about 6 hours in a stretch, I stood in lines at Disneyland, and I rode roller coasters, went Kayaking and even went golfing with my husband. He was so happy and so was I. I then got home and painted my fence and gardened like a mad woman.

I feel I owe my life (my full, happy and active life) to Dr. Kristen & Dr. Paul. The quality of my life has improved 100% since I started care.