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Neck Pain Treatment Napa Jacki Edwards

When I went to Giles Family Chiropractic, I had been suffering from neck pain, neck stiffness and headaches since a work injury in 1981. I had been seen by numerous doctors and had been put through the usual physical therapy and pain medications. Over the years I developed a lump on the left side of my neck and was told it was a muscle spasm. I even tried massage therapy on my own. None of the above helped.

Seeing your ad in the paper, my sister in suggested that my husband and I give it a try. The relief has been unbelievable. They took the time to talk to us and really listened to our problems. I no longer have the everyday headaches and my other injuries have improved also. And come to find out, the knot in my neck wasn't a muscle spasms; it was a vertebrae that was out of alignment. And not even that is gone!

Thanks Giles Family Chiropractic for improving the quality of my life. You rock!

Neck Pain Treatment Napa Glen Edwards

Just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for the significant relief that Giles Family Chiropractic has given both my wife and me from the terrible pain we have suffered for more than two decades.

As you know, my neck condition of stage II degeneration had put me on the verge of hopelessness in ever getting relief. Not only have I been able to almost be completely free of taking any pain medications for my headaches, my overall quality of life has been amazing. Thank You.