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Leg Pain Treatment Napa Dusty Clemons

I was born with a bad hip and had suffered a long time with not being able to walk long distances due to the pain that would start in my hip area. I had come back from a vacation with a terrible pain that hurt so much I could not lay down or sit without it not hurting a lot. A co-worker told me that her and her family had received some discounted exams from a chiropractor's office in the Napa area. She gave me the name and from the first moment I walked into the office I felt at ease. Dr. Kristen was great at explaining everything in terms I could understand and treating me like she truly cared about my health and that she was going to help me fix the problem for the long haul instead of just on the spot. I am not able to walk long distances with no pain at all and feel much better in general. Thank you so much! My advice to someone interested in doing chiropractic care is....Just do it! Not only do I feel a difference in myself, but the whole office staff are a great help and make you feel like family. It's very warm and inviting. It is truly one of the highlights of my week to walk in there.

Leg Pain Treatment Napa Ruth W.

After visiting three different chiropractors, each of whom helped me only slightly, I came to Giles Family Chiropractic. I noticed a difference immediately. Within a few weeks the pain was completely gone in my hip and shoulder, and I felt like a different person. I have continued to feel more alive and able to meet the daily challenges at my age of 82!