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Napa Chiropractors Bill Hargis

My girlfriend had convinced me to go see her chiropractor as she had read that getting chiropractic help could reduce my blood pressure. I thought why not it couldn't hurt. I went in for my consultation and started going in for treatments on a regular basis. Within the first month I had been going to the chiropractor not only did I see a change in my blood pressure, but I got a bonus. It was also helping me with my asthma. I use my inhaler about 75% less than I used to. I also find myself being able to enjoy sports a lot more without using my inhaler.

Napa Chiropractors Maria Laughlin

At 43 I wasn't ready to throw in the towel. I was thinking I was too young for all this nonsense. After running several marathons, half marathons, two Providian Relays and number 5 and 10K's, my body was in a world of hurt.

I went to my family doctor, who took x-rays, saw a thoracic surgeon, and saw two physical therapists. None of this resolved my problems. I then took 6 months off from running, had massages, but my muscles were still spasming. Since resting was helping, I decided to enroll in structured exercise classes (Body Sculpting, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Golf, even walking the dog). I was still in pain.

I heard myself complaining to friends and family members. And although I hated whining all the time, the pain was still agonizing. I finally decided to try chiropractic at Giles Family Chiropractic. I was very scared in the beginning. I began seeing marked improvement and lessening of the pain with each visit. After just three months of care I took a road trip for two weeks. I slept on 13 different beds! We would drive for about 6 hours in a stretch, I stood in lines at Disneyland, and I rode roller coasters, went Kayaking and even went golfing with my husband. He was so happy and so was I. I then got home and painted my fence and gardened like a mad woman.

I feel I owe my life (my full, happy and active life) to Dr. Kristen & Dr. Paul. The quality of my life has improved 100% since I started care.